The Weight of Stones 

 One afternoon in February of 2016, I discovered the gardenof the former Cemetery of Bonaval. As happens with everythingthat I like, I photographed it. Above all, I spent a greatdeal of time exploring. It is a sober place and its greatbeauty inspire deep satisfaction. It expresses what I thinkthe stones themselves express : the past and the present. Responding to the kind invitation of Cuarto Pexigo, Amaia and Iago, I returned to Santiago in February of 2019 with thesole objective of visiting Bonaval every day. My time in thegarden was followed by hours in the city, guided by the stonewalls, following fgures greeting me with enigmatic gestures,often the same gestures made by you and me.Since then, I have continued walking among the walls and thestones, asking them to tell what happened in the past,talking in the same way as the white spaces of the ancientcemetery of Bonaval. 

 The stones are heavy with the weight of history, witnessesof things we have not lived, proofs of former days. They aremysterious, they are time-machines. As are the photographs ! 

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